Jerusalem Before 1967

At the end of the War of Independence, Jerusalem was divided between Israel and Jordan. Armistice lines were determined in November 1948 by Moshe Dayan, Israeli Commander of the Jerusalem district, and Abdallah el-Tal, Legion Commander of Jordan’s Jerusalem front. Between the lines drawn by the two commanders, areas left undefined became “no-man’s land.” The area around Armon Hanatziv was used as UN territory, and Mount Scopus became an Israeli enclave containing the Hebrew University, Hadassah Hospital and, officially, the village of Issawiyya. This map was adopted in April 1949 in an armistice agreement signed in Rhodes. The westernmost point between the two parts of the city was at the edge of the Musrara neighborhood, near the Mandelbaum Gate.

Israeli Firm Unveils ‘Strongest’ Radar Processor For AVs  

Arbe Robotics, the Israeli developer of autonomous vehicle sensors, has released what it says is the strongest solution on the market for automotive radars. Arbe develops radar tech for advanced driver-assist systems (ADAS). This includes its Phoenix Perception Radar,...