Crisis before the Six Day War

In November 1966, an Egyptian-Syrian Defense Agreement was signed, encouraging the Syrians to escalate tensions, which climaxed in spring, 1967.

May 14: Egypt mobilizes its forces in and around the Suez Canal.

May 16: Egypt moves it forces eastward across the Sinai desert towards the Israeli border, demanding the withdrawal of UN Emergency Force (UNEF) stationed along the frontier.

May 19: The Egyptians expelled the UN Emergency Force (UNEF) from the Gaza Strip and Sinai, and continued pouring military forces into these areas.

May 22: Egypt closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping, which Israel consider a casus belli.

May 24-June 4: Answering the Egyptian call, the governments of Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Lebanon moved their forces toward the Israeli border.

Israel mobilized its reserve forces, and launched a diplomatic campaign to win international support for ending the Egyptian blockade of Israeli shipping through the Strait of Tiran.

The diplomatic efforts were not successful.

IDF strikes Hezbollah weapons storage facility

<p>In response to mortar shell launches toward an IDF post in the area of Arab al-Aramshe, IDF soldiers struck a Hezbollah weapons storage facility in Lebanese territory a short while ago.</p><p>In addition, a number of launches toward Tel Hai,...

Cloud security co Wiz buys Israeli startup Rafft

The acquisition, the first by Wiz, is estimated to be in the tens of millions of dollars. Wiz CEO Assaf Rappaport: Acquiring Rafft will assist in our efforts to promote secured development in the cloud. Read More Start ups